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Music is a major part of every culture in the world. The Urban/Skate/Surf Generation Y crowd is no exception. It is the backdrop to our daily lives, it conveys our hopes, we relate to it’s struggles, and at it’s best, inspires us to do whatever we do best.  Being an artist is no easy task though, long times away from home, image perception, and being on the world’s stage 24/7 is no easy task. Nonetheless they get the job done.

Chris_Brown_SWEET_LOVE_single Fotune

So far this season we’ve heard from Chris Brown on his release “Fortune” which has dropped a bunch of singles so far- “Turn Up the Music”, “Til I Die”, “Sweet Love” and the Platinum Plus Special “Strip” 😉  Nas dropped his first album after a 4 year hiatus; “Life Is Good”  brings us a humbled artist, getting some things off his chest after a very public divorce. “Daughters” touches the parent in those of us who are blessed with a little girl, “Summer on Smash” with Swizz a definite club banger, “Bye Baby” gives us his side of his split from Kelis, and what is a rap album without a Mary J joint? “Reach Out” makes the album complete!  Rick Ross and MMG both dropped a CD within a month of each other, each stacked with singles in heavy rotation, so it’s up for debate which is better.


This month CD’s we get new work from 2 Chainz, The Dream (love the “Dope Chick” single!), and the ladies favorite Mr. Trigga Trey! Next month The King, T.I., ASAP Rocky, Ne-Yo, and Wiz share their latest creations with us. (Look out for new music later this year from Frenchie, Loso, Alicia Keys, Jada, Meek, Yeezy, and Weezy)


This summer has been on F-I-R-E with new releases, and we suspect the 4th quarter is going to be even hotter!