It’s about that time of year. I know your Facebook News Feed has been buzzing with all the latest sports news.
The NBA 2012 draft had all basketball fans attention as they watched their favorites players come or go! The most talked about trades here at The Archive have been about the “blockbuster” trade of Dwight Howard from Orlando magic to The Los Angeles Lakers. In turn, Andrew Bynum was traded from the Lakers to Philly. And to bring things full circle (kind of, lol) Andre Iguodala was traded from the 76ers to the Denver Nuggets.
In other Basketball news, big congrats to the US Mens Basketball Team for bringing home another Gold Medal win from the 2012 Summer Olympics. It’s rumored the team will be featured in the upcoming annual installment of 2k Sports video game, NBA 2K13.
We will tread lightly here because we all know football fans can get very touchy when you start talking about their team. So we will let the numbers do the talking! As it stands for the NFC East (which again, is all the buzz at The Archive) The Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Redskins all brought home wins for the their first pre-season games. Let’s just say the Defending Champs (The NY Giants) will have some catching up to do…
Evelyn Ochocinco headbutt
And in related football news, we know you all have heard about Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson and his now infamous headbutt to his wife, Evelyn Lozada, of Basketball Wives. The couple was married just last month on the 4th of July in a highly publicized wedding in St Martin. (Guess they were trying to outdo their athlete and reality tv counterparts Chris and Kim’s 72 day marriage, with one that lasted only 39 days!) Unfortunately for Ochocinco, his career is not looking as lucrative as Mr. Humphries  (Chris just signed a $24 million deal with the Nets) Chad was let go by The Miami Dolphins due to the domestic violence charges against his wife, Evelyn.