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Let’s go back in time, back to a time where Rocawear, LRG, RVCA, and Diamond Supply didn’t exist! Hip Hop kids and the Urban market did not have clothing lines that catered to their style of dress or come in sizes large enough for our body types (or sagging!) In June of 1999, New York Urban was established in downtown Allentown to supply the city with the latest in Urban gear. We opened our doors with lines like Pelle Pelle, Enyce and Mecca.

lo-life-nyc ralph lauren polo 1990's urban culture

In 2002 we expanded by adding a new location in the Palmer Park Mall in Easton and opening the basement in our Hamilton Street location in Allentown. The basement housed our immense section of fitted caps and all sports apparel.  The following year, there still was still not enough floorspace to accommodate all of the up and coming lines our customers wanted in our store, so we expanded AGAIN. We purchased the 2 adjacent properties and literally made holes in the walls to expand our store over 3 addresses!

In the years to come, Allentown rerouted their bus lines off of Hamilton Street to their new bus terminal. With less people on Hamilton Street, we decided it was time open another location at 740 Hamilton Street.  Started in November 2007, that store was designed to catch the foot traffic we were missing at our original location.

Jersey Shore MTV Affliction Ed Hardy

Over the course of almost 10 years, a lot of things in the fashion industry had changed. Brands that were once the hottest had fallen off, guys started wearing clothes that actually fit them (a la Jersey Shore) and sneakers became even MORE of an obsession to the urban consumer. We opened our sister store, The Archive in Reading, March 2008. Located at 5th and Penn streets they are at the center of downtown Reading and brought brands like Ed Hardy, True Religion, and Affliction to a city that only had access to urban brands.

Which brings us to the present. We have remained true to our customers by bringing them the fashions and name brands that they want for over 13 years. But in order for any creature or business to survive it must evolve. New York Urban at 627 Hamilton Street is now changing it’s name to The Archive.  We will still carry the great brands and items we are known for, but we are adding more to the mix.

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Our next generation of customers have taken over the market. Skinny jeans, tank tops, skateboard shoes, denim shirts, and clothing that actually fits (lol) will be housed in our newly renovated basement, starting September 2012.  The Urban lines we started with: Rocawear, Pelle and Coogi, can still be found in their regular spots, in addition to sports apparel from Champion, Adidas, and Jordan. We still have a great selection of non-branded fashion at great prices as well.

In the meantime, another change you can look out for (in addition to this crispy new website) is the new storefront. WE ARE STILL OPEN DURING CONSTRUCTION!!!! This is all for you, our customers. So any suggestions or comments you may have, we would love to hear from you. Please feel free to contact us with your thoughts by clicking here.